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Epoxy Floor Middle Hardener Series

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Product description

  1 Product introduction

  This series of products are modified aromatic epoxy curing agents with excellent resistance to yellowing and corrosion.

  Low viscosity, good leveling, excellent mechanical properties of curing products, high curing hardness.

  The product is a low toxic amine epoxy curing agent, no smell, use environmental protection.

  The product has different season to use the formula, can meet the national demand.

  Main products of the company:BYT-201

  2 Application

  The product is used in epoxy floor solvent-free self-leveling, solvent-free thin coating of medium coating curing agent

  3 Specification



  4.Package and storage:

  Packed in 200L iron drum, net weight 200kg/ drum.

  Store at room temperature, ventilated and dry, away from fire and direct sunlight.

  5.Shelf life:

  Stored in the original drum package for 24 months at room temperature。

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