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Benzaldehyde -- ( none Cl )

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Molecular formula: C7H6O
Molecular weight: 106.12
CAS RN: 100-52-7

Appearance and properties:  pure product is colorless liquid, industrial product is colorless or light yellow liquid. 
Boiling point:  179℃
Freezing point:  -26℃
Relative density:  (water=1):1.04;(air=1):3.66
Solubility:  slightly soluble in water, soluble in benzene, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether and trichloromethane
Flash point: 64℃
Autoignition temperature: 192℃
Hazardous characteristics:  there is the risk of burning in contact with high temperature, open flame or oxidizer. 
Stability:  stable.

1 Pharmaceutical intermediate
2 In preparing edible essence
3 In manufacturing pesticides
4 A small amount for the daily use chemical essence and tobacco flavor
5 In manufacturing dye intermediates
6 As solvent and low temperature lubricant
7 Diversified manufacturing 
8 In preparing perfume compound for soap and edible essence

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