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English nameBenzophenone

Molecular formulaC13H10O

Molecular weight182.22

CAS NO. 119-61-9

EINECS NO. 204-337-6

Physical property

White crystal powder with slight rose fragrance

 Melting point48.5°C  Boiling point305.4°C


Benzophenone is ultraviolet absorbers

(absorb ultraviolet wavelength 290-360nm)and initiator; intermediates of organic pigments, medicine, spices, pesticides. In pharmaceutical industry, it used for producing bicyclic ethyl piperidine, benzatropine hydrobromide diphenhy dramine, and styrene polymerization inhibitor and spices fixative agent, can give spice sweet flavor, used in many perfume and soap flavor. In the cosmetics industry, it can be used for suntan lotion/cream.

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