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Polyurethane Adhesive

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Product description
  Polyurethane Adhesive
  --Renewable Sponge Glue (PU Renewable Sizing Agent)
  Binding materials type: sponge, plastic, rubber and others
  Correlation Index:
  1. Active Substance (%): (BYT-118) ≥ 75, (BYT-116) ≥ 70
  2. Shearing Strength: 2(MPa)
  3. Expiration Date: 6 months
  4. Appearance: light yellow or brown oily liquid
  5. Viscosity: 800-1500 (mpc.s)
  Product brief: PU renewable stock, a kind of renewable sponge adhesive, is harder than adhesive modulated by TDI and ordinary polyether. PU renewable is applied to manufacture renewable sponge with 45 to 200 density, room temperature or steam solidification. In general, 100kg broken sponge needs 5-7kg adhesive.
  Product properties: Solvent single component Pu adhesive(PU renewable stock) is made up of Polymeric Polylol and polyisocyanates (MDI,TDI),under a certain temperature and time, with the help of auxiliaries, which applies to the manufacture of various densities of soft Pu renewable sponge ,especially to soft Pu broken sponge. This kind adhesive specializes in high speed of solidify, convenient and environmental friendly.
  Method of application: first of all, inject adhesive into broken sponge evenly, in the ratio of 6:100, under a certain time of clockwise and counterclockwise stirring. Next paving them smoothly into casting box and put it under pressure for 10-30 minus. Then cool them at normal temperature for 1-2hours in summer, 3-4hours in winter. Last, cutting and machining after 12 hours cooling. More advice, you can add appropriate adhesive such as a dichloromethane to make it to best efficiency, according to the density and blender's mixing effect.
  Illustration: the adhesive from our company are packed in steel drum, net weight 200kg (±0.5kg). If manufacturer find any quality problem, you'd better inform us immediately and we will meet our after-sale service, making sure its usage within 30kg. If not, Losses caused should be born by the manufacturer
  Storage: raw material should be placed in dry and sealed containers, kept away from ignition sources, heat and flame, and avoided exposing to direct sunshine. The expiration date before opened is six months.
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