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Wuhan Biet Co., Ltd| CHINA INTERDYE 2020

The 20th China International Dye Industry and Organic Pigment Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo from November 8th to 10th, 2020. Wuhan Biet Co., Ltd. also ended the three-day paint exhibition trip, thank the majority of customers and friends to cooperate and support.



Despite the outbreak has been effectively curbed, but a global epidemic when to end or unknown, in terms of in our country, and from the published report, affected by the outbreak, the first two quarters, most of the listed company's operating income and net income are significantly decreased, but in the third quarter, China's enterprises upstream, seeking to break through in the crisis, contain the declining industry development trend, the market, under the support of the added value of dye industry from negative to positive, from 1 to September rose 0.2% and 1.4%.



By the vast number of exhibitors and the audience's support, in after the outbreak of comprehensive recovery of dongfeng, Shanghai international exhibition on textile dye chemistry provides the industry with a set of "show, cooperation, trade and development", and an integrated platform, for the industry development has injected new vitality, created a new opportunity.



In the exhibition, the salesmen of Wuhan Biet Co., Ltd also actively communicated with more than 500 other practitioners from 12 countries and regions in the same industry to discuss new opportunities for the development of the industry, so as to inject new vitality into the prosperity and development of the industry and create new opportunities.