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Yesterday afternoon, Wuhan BIET Co., Ltd. was invited to participate

  Yesterday afternoon, Wuhan BIET  Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the provincial Department of Commerce and the provincial branch strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony cum integrated service development and delivered a speech as a business representative, President of Bank of China Sub-branch, Li Renjun participated the whole meeting.
  Prior to the meeting, Li and Peng conducted a detailed communication under a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Peng introduced the company's main business in detail, its business operation in recent years, the development direction of this year and the opportunities in the chemical industry and difficulties, Governor of China Bank, Li gave answers for the lack of funding pressure on customers, the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, higher settlement costs and other issues then suggested rationalizations for the company's product portfolio.
  After the meeting, Li and Peng delved deeper into their conversations, Li said the bank is the service industry, we must fundamentally solve the problem of improving capital operation, reduce settlement costs, but also to provide customers with an optional integrated product services platform. Peng said that the nature of chemical trade industry and banking business are interlinked. We should seize the opportunities and challenges then welcome provincial bank and branch bank experts to guide our work. We are willing to recommend our upstream and downstream high-quality enterprises to our bank for further cooperation. Bank venture should combine closely, work together to achieve a win-win cooperation!
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